• Experiencing God

    “And one of the most important things that we [members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints] emphasize about God when we talk about God is the fact that God is a person like us; fingers, toes, eyes, nose. And that’s important, I think, with respect to doctrine. But when we try to […]

  • A new direction?

    I have struggled for a while now with what to make of this blog. Share insights from what I am reading? Reimagining Mormonism? Exploring Tolkien? Tolkien + Mormonism + meditation? I think my primary focus will be dreams. Dream interpretation, sharing dreams, lucid dreaming, liminal dreaming, oneirogens, etc. I’ll still post about other topics, but […]

  • Volume One: Introduction

    The first twenty-eight pages of A Cultural History of The Book of Mormon walk us through the meta-text generated about The Book of Mormon even before it was published. Daymon Smith extracts excerpts from newspapers at the time that showed how stories surrounding the unpublished book helped form/frame perceptions of it. “Gold Bible” stirred up […]

  • Cultural History

    I’ll be re-reading The Cultural History of The Book of Mormon over the next several weeks. It is five volumes and covers a lot more than meets the eye. I’ll do my best to share what stands out and what blows my mind.

  • Spiritual Consumerism

    A week or so ago, I was invited to join a 90-minute webinar where a spiritual teacher would reveal his radical approach to Enlightenment. Radical? Enlightenment? How could I not join! I’m not naive when it comes to these types of events. They go something like this, “Come, join us! It is free, so what is […]

  • Take the Emotion Out of It

    “You have to take the emotion out of it” is a statement that many hear in the corporate world. It seems like good advice. It looks like a good way to help others develop EQ (Emotional Intelligence), Have you ever been able to “take the emotion” out of a situation? Truly? Or have you gotten […]

  • How about no, Scott

    Today, I jumped on Facebook for five minutes. Mind you, I have a Newsfeed Eradicator. Yet, when I looked up a friend’s page to see what he’d been up to, the majority of things I saw were toxic. Discussion is poor online. It seems to be even worse on social media. However, Social Media is […]