Reflections while on a train

What is the nature of that which is observing?

The Waking Up App, Rupert Spira, The Nature of Awareness

I am sitting on a train on my way to work. It is peaceful. Nearly everyone around me is either looking at their phone, a book, or eyes closed (resting?). Each individual is focused on his or her individual concerns, destinations, lives, memories, experiences. And, while making that observation, the thought asks, are we all that different after all?

For several weeks now, the quoted question above has gnawed at me. What is the nature of that which is observing? Presumably, every individual on this train is conscious. Each individual sees the world around them through their eyes, their experience, through the lens of out there and in here (world and mind), other and self, object and subject. And, the root of all of this, is something each person shares, something observing contents of consciousness.

What is that something? And, what is the nature of that something?

Am I the only person on this train that has such a question? Am I the only one who is pondering such things? Or, is there some possibility that another something that is sharing these observations and questions?


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