Eyeing the bottle

He couldn't quite find the words to describe the feeling. His head, but more specifically, his face (or what he sensed to be his face) was tingling. He wasn't drunk - he knew what that was like, and he wasn't a fan - but he wasn't precisely sober, either. He was somewhere on the uptick... Continue Reading →


The Pearl of Great Price, Mormon Scripture, has a written account of theophany in which Moses (which Moses? I'm not certain) sees God (which God? I don't know. Eru-Jesus? The Father-Manwe?). There is a moment where the vision ends or takes an intermission, where Moses is left to himself, as the glory of God had... Continue Reading →

Thirty minutes

Today, an idea entered my mind, "write for thirty-minutes, every-day, for only thirty minutes." Naturally, what followed was the question regarding editing. "Do I allow myself time to edit?" No. This is about writing, not editing. It is not about moving a sentence here, replacing a word there, etc.. No, this exercise will be more... Continue Reading →

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