Annihilation of Joy

He was hesitant to recommend the Netflix show Midnight Gospel to anyone outside of his close friends, whom he knew would appreciate it, or at a minimum, wouldn’t think he was insane for recommending it to them.

He couldn’t get over how fantastic last night’s episode was! It seemed to perfectly capture what he had experienced time and time under the influence of mind-altering substances.

It is hard to believe the amount of material they cover in 24-minutes because it seemed as though the episode was much, much, longer (similar to experiences with mind-altering substances). The episode is called “Annihilation of Joy,” which seems dark and depressing, and yet it left him feeling ironically hopeful.

He found that he could place himself inside the show. He had no problem seeing himself inside that prison for simulated beings suffering from existential dread, and he, with Clancy, pondered reality.

Wake up! Wake up!

It was a phrase that was repeated often throughout the episode. What fascinated him is how that phrase, or that theme, seemed to be perpetuating itself in his life. One book he has been struggling to get through and make sense of is called Words of Them Which Have Slumbered. The app he uses to meditate is called WakingUp. The Book of Mormon has several instances where the authors tell their audience to wake up!

As is sung in Incubus’ song Smile Lines

This isn’t coincidence
There’s no such thing
This isn’t coincidence
This isn’t coincidence
There’s no such thing.
This isn’t


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