American Gods

One of the greatest audiobooks he had listened to is American Gods by Neil Gaiman. He had recently acquired several audiobooks and Kindle Editions that he was looking forward to listening to and reading.

And yet, he was drawn back to American Gods.

He was drawn back to Gaiman’s way with words. He couldn’t help but admire the gift that had clearly been tended to like a beloved garden and relished in the moments of being captured by words, enchanted, and carried away to the imaginal realm.

You see, I am the only one of us who brings in any money. The other two cannot make money fortune-telling. This is because they only tell the truth, and the truth is not what people want to hear. It is a bad thing, and it troubles people, so they do not come back. But I can lie to them, tell them what they want to hear. I tell the pretty fortunes. So I bring home the bread.
American Gods, Pg. 83

If it hurts to hear it, look for the truth in it.
If it comforts to hear it, look for the lie in it.


Tonight will not permit a full thirty minutes of writing, and that is OK. I’ll be attending various chores and enjoying listening to American Gods, a visitor of this world, and the imaginal.


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