Meditation stats as of 1:55 PM on 05/22/2020

I recently did the math on how long it would take to reach 10,000 hours of meditation. Previously, I was meditating 10-minutes per day; that requires six sessions for an hour of meditation. It would require 60,000 sessions, at ten minutes per session, to reach 10,000 hours! For those of you who are quick with math, you’ve already figured out that it would take 164 years to reach 10,000 hours.

What about an hour per day?

Twenty-seven years. I will be fifty-eight years old before hitting 10,000 hours of meditation.

It seems as though multi-day-retreats (even if it is a retreat at home) is the best way to bring that number down!

A ten-day retreat would result in, roughly, 180-hours of meditation. Add that to the 355 hours from “an hour per day,” and you end up reaching 10,000 hours in 18-years, nearly a ten-year difference!

Ultimately, as long as an individual engages their trade for an hour per day, they are most likely capable of reaching 10,000 hours in their lifetime.

*Note – I recently heard that mastery of a task/whatever is 10,000 iterations of the task, not merely hours. It could then be possible to reach 10,000 interactions using multiple five to 10-minute meditation intervals each day. Personally, I’ve noticed the most significant benefits from meditation doing thirty to sixty-minute meditation sessions.

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4 responses to “Progess”

  1. I’ve found that meditation advances consciousness in non-linear ways. It advances in quantum levels and at unexpected intervals. I’m not sure the linear process models apply.

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    • I think that you’re right. I think most skills progress in a non-linear fashion (compound interest, etc.).
      I’m curious about your thoughts on advancing in quantum levels at unexpected intervals. Tell me (us) more.


      • I only mean that my “advances” in meditation have been unexpected and have occurred in big leaps. Seems like I’ll find myself after a session wondering how in the world that just happened – nothing about my “practice” seemed to have been leading me to it. I wouldn’t have even known what to practice for had I wanted to. But having experienced it once, it is suddenly just normal and able to be accessed almost at will. Normal “practice” rules just don’t seem to apply.


      • Fascinating! If you haven’t written about that experience (those experiences) I think you should! I know that it would be something that I want to read.


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