What’s going on?

On August 1st, I married my sweetheart. It was lovely!

I have also picked up a short story (novel?) that I started to write back in High School. It has been fascinating to see how it has changed over the last sixteen years. It has evolved, grown, and come into its own. I’m hoping to have it finished by February.

My wife and I have been reading Harry Potter each morning. We spend 30-minutes each day – 15-minutes each – reading out loud. It has quickly become one of our favorite habits! It is lovely to listen to the voice of the person you cherish most as they read well-written literature.

I’ve still been meditating daily. I am hoping to finish reading two books by Loch Kelly on meditation in the upcoming weeks. I might also post audio clips of me reading his glimpses.

I’ve been reading Words of The Faithful and Words of Them Which Have Slumbered. The idea of creating a Reading Companion for each book has come to mind. If I do end up doing that, it will most likely start here on the blog. If it becomes more than that, I will let you know.

Other than that, life is essentially the same. There is a continual tide of dishes and laundry.


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