The Forgetting

Sorrow, shame, anger, and hate wrap around me, bind me and squeeze. The pressure builds. I cry out, “I can’t do this!” and my beloved responds, “You already have. You have simply forgotten.”

I break free, like a butterfly from his cocoon. I feel God’s love on my wings and breathe it deep into my lungs. It is in me, outside of me, in everything.

Rain clouds form overhead, and fear sets in. “What if I die?” and my beloved responds, “Would that be so bad?”

The fear, like rain, washes over me. I fall to the ground, my colorful wings sinking into the mud.

“This is the end! I am dying! What comes next?” My insecurities and doubts fill my mind. I’m alone. Where has my beloved gone?

I surrender to the Void, the Nothing-ness.

“Hello! Welcome back!” My beloved waits for me. Love and Being consume me.

How could I have forgotten so easily? It is so clear, at this moment (At-One-ment): God is Love. I am love, and my beloved is me. We are One.


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