What now?

I have been thinking quite a bit about what does the world need now?

I don’t think the world needs another app, another social media platform, another product. But, maybe I am wrong?

What will change the world for the best? What now?

I love meditation. And, yet, there are easily 100+ meditation apps out there. Do we need another one? Probably not. However, I do believe that meditation centers, or communities, are needed. The key is building a bond, a connection, between people, and an opportunity to serve others.

In Zen, they say there are only two things: You sit, and you sweep the garden. And it doesn’t matter how big the garden is. As you quiet your mind and listen to your heart, you discover that your spirit will not be satisfied unless you also tend your garden. Pick something you care about.

The World Needs Your Love, Jack Kornfield

I recently listened to Podcast #244 of Making Sense and it made me think that, perhaps, a meat alternative is needed for the world. I appreciate the approach suggested in the podcast for the meat alternatives: does it taste as good or better than regular meat? Does it cost as much or less than regular meat? I agree with that. I think humanity has the opportunity to lower its carbon footprint. *Note – I don’t know all the details around what sort of carbon footprint meat alternatives might leave behind. It could be that it has unforeseen consequences on the human body and the planet.

Maybe meat alternatives will never be a viable option. What then? A couple of friends of mine pointed me to Regenerative Grazing. That seems promising, too!

Ultimately, I think the world needs less doom and gloom and more optimism; more focus on the good that is happening.

The problem isn’t that we’re too aware of the problems in the world—the problem is that we’re too unaware of all of the great solutions also happening in the world.

Put another way: our awareness of problems has compounded, whereas our awareness of solutions has not. Perhaps we can make an effort to focus more on the latter.

Mark Manson

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