How about no, Scott

Today, I jumped on Facebook for five minutes. Mind you, I have a Newsfeed Eradicator. Yet, when I looked up a friend’s page to see what he’d been up to, the majority of things I saw were toxic.

Discussion is poor online. It seems to be even worse on social media. However, Social Media is treated like a holy site – a destination worthy of pilgrimage. Don’t believe me? What was one of the first things you did this morning? Did you pay homage to the Facebook saints, the Twitter gods, the IG prophets, the Snapchat Mystics? What am I missing? Oh! The TikTok priests.

These online destinations are mirages. They seem to be portals to a better world! Better than what, though? The world you currently inhabit? At best, they’re an illusion. At worst, they’re a demonic possession.

Take time to breathe. Do you feel that? What is that like? Where do you feel the breath the most? Is it the tip of your nose? The rising and falling of your chest or abdomen? How is it that you’re aware of that feeling at all?

You see, the greatest mystery is your very existence. The greatest source of serenity isn’t found in the Other (some destination out there); it is right here. It is closer than you think.

Can you see that?

Can you see why the holy (web)sites have little value to offer and so much misery to freely give?

The next time you think of making your pilgrimage, why not think twice? Why not think, How about no, Scott? Why not appreciate what is right in front of you?


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