I Do Not Believe In The Atonement

*Previously published on 08/28/2016 - updated/edited today. I should say: I do not believe in the Atonement, capital-A, as taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints™. I do not believe in an Atonement where Jesus, God’s favorite and perfect son, is sent to earth to pay for a debt he did not... Continue Reading →


There is a common idiom in the English language: resign oneself to (something). The individual accepts what one must do, undertake, or endure. It is a type of acceptance of fate, or what one knows must come next. I look from my third story apartment across the way. I see three young men, each wearing... Continue Reading →

What’s going on?

On August 1st, I married my sweetheart. It was lovely! I have also picked up a short story (novel?) that I started to write back in High School. It has been fascinating to see how it has changed over the last sixteen years. It has evolved, grown, and come into its own. I'm hoping to... Continue Reading →

A Holy Temple

Bell’s Canyon, Utah Between two trees, I stretch my altar. Beneath the sky, I send my praise. This place, this beauty, this temple, Amid the trees and song of a stream, Unites mind and body; a joyful reunion.

April will come — she will

I wrote this post in April of 2014 for a different blog. It remains one of my favorite pieces of writing. From time to time, I go back, read it, and make minor adjustments. Today, I felt it was appropriate to make adjustments and transfer it to this blog. I hope you enjoy it as... Continue Reading →

Calm amid the storm

I have been struggling to find what to write, or even if I should write, regarding the death - murder - of George Floyd. I realized that what I want to write isn't about solutions, about the problems, or about the heartache I feel. No. Instead, I will write about the calm amid the storm.... Continue Reading →

Find A Way

Should the oceans riseShould the sky come falling downShould the islands tremble beneath us, See our better nature blossomShould the sun rain fireShould Hell on Earth freeze overAnd our enemies wait hungrySee our better nature feed themShould the sun rain fireShould Hell on Earth freeze overAnd our enemies wait hungrySee our better nature feed and... Continue Reading →


Meditation stats as of 1:55 PM on 05/22/2020 I recently did the math on how long it would take to reach 10,000 hours of meditation. Previously, I was meditating 10-minutes per day; that requires six sessions for an hour of meditation. It would require 60,000 sessions, at ten minutes per session, to reach 10,000 hours!... Continue Reading →

Grand Fundamental Principles of Mormonism

Recently, on Twitter, Geoffrey Miller (@primalpoly) engaged with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, the group is part if #DezNat (Deseret Nation). From what I have seen, #DezNat is a cesspool (and probably should read and live by the article below). Anyway. Miller asked for a short article or book... Continue Reading →

Free From What?

Naval tweeted, "Write to learn, not to teach." I find that fascinating. It has been my experience (not always, but often) that I can go back to something I've written and learned quite a bit; if nothing else, I learned how much I enjoyed writing that piece. As part of meditation practice, I've decided to... Continue Reading →

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