Old Sky Hewer

“Often thought of being led directionally by “the [Holy] Spirit” to drunken Laban, Nephi first foreshadows the influence of “the spirit” later encountered after unsheathing the sword. The talking spirit comes of the sword itself, carried by Laban and which in voice commands Nephi to slay the man. That sword is also featured in Words of... Continue Reading →

A few thoughts – Introduction

A long, strange adventure preceded this tale's reception, but in the end, I simply wrote what I heard. If there was magic, it was in hearing, then listening, and in trusting. [...] Here all I ask is: Can you make room in your world for a new history born from true myth, where gods merciful... Continue Reading →

Words – Reading Schedule

As I mentioned in my last post, I am going to be focusing my writing on Words. For anyone who would like to read along with me, below is the reading schedule. Note: The physical volumes can be purchased here and here. If you would like to read them for free, you can access each volume... Continue Reading →

Correlation is not Causation

Her fingers traced cuttings in the flatness on which they had lain, and wheedling out the mosses and turf and soil, her thumb could trace other cuttings, carvings, letters of rune of the old world.  She worked to uncover the entire carving of writ, and awakened Zhera’, standing over him, and pressing her heel into his... Continue Reading →

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