American Gods

One of the greatest audiobooks he had listened to is American Gods by Neil Gaiman. He had recently acquired several audiobooks and Kindle Editions that he was looking forward to listening to and reading. And yet, he was drawn back to American Gods. He was drawn back to Gaiman’s way with words. He couldn’t help but admire […]

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He had wondered if the Darkness would ever leave him. He asked, to no one in particular, about Consciousness, and if it was hostile – so impersonal – devour[ing] to survive (so it is, so it’s always been). Or, perhaps, Consciousness was indifferent, neutral at best? He struggled within himself to find where the Darkness had […]

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He hadn’t felt like this in ten years. He could vividly recall the last time he felt this way, and he remembered how it felt when it seemed like the demon was gone, exorcised. But, it would appear, the Darkness was biding its time, growing, weaving its heavy tentacles throughout his being. Now, he felt […]

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There are a few things that I’ve noticed over the last few days, and it has been that I tend to avoid situations by being busy. A thought enters my mind, something along the lines of, I should eat. I’m going to go eat. Almost immediately, another idea comes my mind, “Yes, I will eat […]

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