• Seeking a Dream

    The Dream Several weeks ago, I had a highly vivid and lucid dream. I was in a second-hand occult store (used spell books, tarot decks, etc.), and I found a tarot deck that caught my eye. I was flipping through the cards, and various cards started to come out of the deck and fall onto […]

  • How it still happens today

    There was once a queer old man who lived in a cave, where he had sought refuge from the noise of the villages. He was reputed to be a sorcerer, and therefore he had disciples who hoped to learn the art of sorcery from him. But he himself was not thinking of any such thing. […]

  • Energy Healing is Satanic! … or something

    Editors Note: I originally wrote this back in 2016 on another blog. I decided to re-publish and update it after seeing the recent Church Policies and Guidelines. I read a lengthy post on Facebook about how “energy healing” is from Satan and that it is probably the mark of the beast – ok, it doesn’t […]

  • To meditate, or not to meditate: that is the question!

    It is no secret that meditation can reduce stress, pain, depression, and more. It is also no secret that meditation also can make changes to our brain!  These changes include: Enlarges the prefrontal cortex. This area of the brain is responsible for rational decision-making. Studies have shown that meditation increases grey matter (brain cells) in this region. Shrinks the amygdala. The […]

  • Reading Goal 2021

    It isn’t quite December, yet I find myself thinking about 2021. I feel that quite a few individuals are looking ahead to 2021 due to the insanity that has been 2020. Looking ahead and looking at my bookshelf, I realized that I had squandered so much time this year; there were so many books I […]

  • Dreams, Recollections, and Reality

    Recollection “Are you praying, Elder?” asked Elder Ward. “Hmmm? Oh. Yes. I am!” he responded. Truthfully, he hadn’t been. He had been captured a daydream, in which he was somewhere else. He had been thinking not of home, but of a future life. Besides, to pray to God is not to hear from God, and […]

  • I Do Not Believe In The Atonement

    *Previously published on 08/28/2016 – updated/edited today. I should say: I do not believe in the Atonement, capital-A, as taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints™. I do not believe in an Atonement where Jesus, God’s favorite and perfect son, is sent to earth to pay for a debt he did not […]