• How shall we look?

    It isn’t that I don’t want to write, I do, I’m struggling with what to write about. I’m working through emotion or emotions right now. Negative emotions. I label them negative emotions because of the restrictive quality they have to them, tightness of chest, the pressure, and pulsing of my temples, repetition of thoughts that […]

  • Avoidance

    There are a few things that I’ve noticed over the last few days, and it has been that I tend to avoid situations by being busy. A thought enters my mind, something along the lines of, I should eat. I’m going to go eat. Almost immediately, another idea comes my mind, “Yes, I will eat […]

  • Begin again

    Begin again. I haven’t found a way to establish a habit of writing for thirty minutes per day. I fell off the proverbial horse three-days in. That’s OK. Perhaps it is due to my daily meditation practice, but I feel that the concept of begin again has been incredibly useful in my life. What is the […]

  • Eyeing the bottle

    He couldn’t quite find the words to describe the feeling. His head, but more specifically, his face (or what he sensed to be his face) was tingling. He wasn’t drunk – he knew what that was like, and he wasn’t a fan – but he wasn’t precisely sober, either. He was somewhere on the uptick […]

  • Certainty

    The Pearl of Great Price, Mormon Scripture, has a written account of theophany in which Moses (which Moses? I’m not certain) sees God (which God? I don’t know. Eru-Jesus? The Father-Manwe?). There is a moment where the vision ends or takes an intermission, where Moses is left to himself, as the glory of God had […]

  • Thirty minutes

    Today, an idea entered my mind, “write for thirty-minutes, every-day, for only thirty minutes.” Naturally, what followed was the question regarding editing. “Do I allow myself time to edit?” No. This is about writing, not editing. It is not about moving a sentence here, replacing a word there, etc.. No, this exercise will be more […]

  • Mindreading

    Jung: “The thought went too far for me, and I shun far-fetched ideas. They are dangerous, since I am a man, and you know how much men are accustomed to seeing thoughts as their very own, so that they eventually confuse them with themselves.” Elijah: “Will you therefore confuse yourself with a tree or animal, […]