• What I am Reading

    I have a lofty goal for 2019 – read every physical book I own. Is it possible? Maybe. Plausible? Unsure. Regardless, I’m going to do the best I can with the goal and see what happens. I decided to make my reading more entertaining – or something like that – by blogging about what I am […]

  • Moses’ transcendent psychedelic experience: facing Ego

    Moses’ transcendent psychedelic experience: facing Ego

    In my last post, I explored the possibility that Moses’ transcendent experience found in The Pearl of Great Price (the Burning Bush?) was through the assistance of psychedelic medicine. I want to continue that exploration in this post. Moses, after many hours, comes down from his transcendent state and has the epiphany that man is […]

  • Moses and the Burning Bush – a transcendent psychedelic experience?

    Moses and the Burning Bush – a transcendent psychedelic experience?

    I’m not the first, and will not be the last, to wonder if spiritual leaders – prophets – may have been influenced by psychedelics. As early as 1975, Lamar Petersen wondered if Datura seeds may have found their way into the bread, or wine, consumed at the dedication of the Kirkland Temple (Petersen, L. (1975). […]

  • What does the fox [err, text] say?

    Yesterday, Sunday, I attended Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). It was the first Sunday of the month, which means that it was Fast and Testimony meeting (if you’re unfamiliar with such a meeting, click here). During the fast and testimony meeting, there were beliefs expressed, such as, “I know that the […]

  • Correlation is not Causation

    Her fingers traced cuttings in the flatness on which they had lain, and wheedling out the mosses and turf and soil, her thumb could trace other cuttings, carvings, letters of rune of the old world.  She worked to uncover the entire carving of writ, and awakened Zhera’, standing over him, and pressing her heel into his […]

  • Reimaging The Book of Mormon Website

    I’m still working on the direction of this blog – it’ll be random, at best, I believe. I’m hoping to have a new blog post this upcoming week. In the meantime, there is an interactive website regarding The Book of Mormon and ties to Tolkien. https://reimaginingthebom.com/ Take a look. Join the journey.

  • Of Amdir and Estel

    Of Amdir and Estel

    I had hoped to have at least the beginnings of a blog post on fëar and hröar (specifically, whether or not it is possible for Elvish fëar (spirit) can occupy a Mannish hröar (body) if they reincarnated), but there has been too much material to sort through, dissect, discuss, and dismantle. I want to build […]