Tag: Meditation

  • Spiritual Consumerism

    A week or so ago, I was invited to join a 90-minute webinar where a spiritual teacher would reveal his radical approach to Enlightenment. Radical? Enlightenment? How could I not join! I’m not naive when it comes to these types of events. They go something like this, “Come, join us! It is free, so what is […]

  • Take the Emotion Out of It

    “You have to take the emotion out of it” is a statement that many hear in the corporate world. It seems like good advice. It looks like a good way to help others develop EQ (Emotional Intelligence), Have you ever been able to “take the emotion” out of a situation? Truly? Or have you gotten […]

  • How about no, Scott

    Today, I jumped on Facebook for five minutes. Mind you, I have a Newsfeed Eradicator. Yet, when I looked up a friend’s page to see what he’d been up to, the majority of things I saw were toxic. Discussion is poor online. It seems to be even worse on social media. However, Social Media is […]

  • What now?

    I have been thinking quite a bit about what does the world need now? I don’t think the world needs another app, another social media platform, another product. But, maybe I am wrong? What will change the world for the best? What now? I love meditation. And, yet, there are easily 100+ meditation apps out […]

  • Window to the Soul

    The eyes are a window to your soul William Shakespeare (supposedly) Gaze attentively into the pools of passion, truth, and emotion. Stare into the depths and become swallowed up in the mystery of the person in front of you. That is if you’re able to do so without the individual thinking you’re insane, feeling uncomfortable, […]

  • The Forgetting

    Sorrow, shame, anger, and hate wrap around me, bind me and squeeze. The pressure builds. I cry out, “I can’t do this!” and my beloved responds, “You already have. You have simply forgotten.” I break free, like a butterfly from his cocoon. I feel God’s love on my wings and breathe it deep into my […]

  • Who Are You?

    Tell me, who are you, alone, yourself and nameless? Tom Bombadil, The Lord of The Rings, page 131 I don’t know whether I ask myself who am I? too many times or if others don’t ask that of themselves enough. Though, I suspect I have asked too many times because I am starting to feel […]